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Are you single? Do you dread upcoming weddings? If so, our Portland matchmakers from the leading dating service, Portland Singles, have the insight for you!

Ding Dong, Ding Dong… Yes, those are wedding bells ringing in the background. If weddings fill your head with dread and you aren’t sure how to handle them and survive alone, our expert matchmakers have a guide that is perfectly designed for you. We’ll show you exactly how to survive weddings when you’re single.

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1. Look Incredibly Attractive

Okay, so your friends are getting married and you have to attend their special day. No big deal. To avoid having the single blues, you need to make sure you look spectacular. Book an appointment to the spa, hire a personal shopper, and drag every friend of yours who is into style to help you shop and get ready before the wedding. This will give you an outfit that is perfectly suited for this special day. You should also keep on top of your skin and use face masks every week, preferably start out four weeks before the wedding. Men, this rule also applies for you as you want to look your best when attending a wedding.

2. Change the Way You Think

Okay, so you dread the fact that there are five weddings coming up in the next few months. But why? There is free alcohol, free food, good friends, and a special band playing. Treat the occasion as though it is a big celebration and don’t become too obsessed that you don’t have someone of your own to walk down the aisle with. If you are really struggling to be positive, remember this: one day it will be you walking down the aisle. Today is not your day, but it will be soon.

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3. Bring a Friend Along

You know those days you wonder what your friends are for? Well, today they will come in handy. Why? Because they can be your guest to the wedding. If you have recently come out of a relationship and are left with the plus one wedding invitation, don’t panic, bring a friend.

For this you don’t want to choose the quiet one, you need someone you can have a good time with, someone who is good company. You want to choose a friend who is single so that both of you can have a good time together and keep each other up. Bring a confident friend who will make you smile on that much dreaded wedding day.

4. Start Healing Yourself

If you’re still not over your ex, weddings can be a big reminder. Use the wedding as an excuse to handle your past relationship. Start by making a list of all the negative aspects of your last relationship. Did you hate the way he was always drunk? Did you hate it the way she nagged you all the time? Did you hate how they were always running late? Making a list of the negative aspects of your past relationship will take it off the pedestal and make you realize that you should never settle for less. You should also take some time for yourself to make future plans. Getting yourself back in order will give you control.

5. Don’t Consume Too Much Alcohol

No one likes that drunken guest who is spilling drinks all over everyone’s tables, staggering around the dance floor, and trying to dance with the parents or the groom or bride. It’s just not recommended. Chances are, you’ll regret it in the morning. Not only will your self-esteem be even lower, but you probably won’t be invited to future weddings. To make sure you stay relatively sober, try to drink a glass of water in between each drink and eat some of the delicious wedding food. Remember to also stick to one type of alcohol even though there is an open bar. As tempting as it might be to try every shot available at the wedding, you’ll regret it the next day.


6. Avoid That Question

Now, we know how dreadful this can be but chances are you’re bound to be asked that very awkward question, you know the one you’re dreading the most. “Where’s your date?”

Rather than spitting out every bitter answer, we want you to prepare a more graceful response. Reply that you simply don’t have time to start dating right now. Tell them that you have taken another job, are volunteering, or have gotten a promotion that takes up all your time. If you haven’t achieved any of these things, don’t worry. There is always something you can say about your life, and don’t feel the need to delve deep into it. Short and simple.

7. Start Learning How to Flirt

Typical weddings are full of sexy and attractive people; after all, everyone there is looking to impress and have a good time. Do not be the loser who stands in the corner alone or the one who is talking to Aunt Nancy the entire night. Instead, you need to learn and put your flirting skills to good use, and make it your goal to land yourself a date.

Firstly, don’t act too hard to get. You need to have an open posture, you must be open to invitation so people can approach you and talk to you. If you are one of those people who struggles to keep a conversation going, try practicing a few conversation topics before arriving to the wedding. This way, when someone approaches you at the wedding, you already have a subject in mind. You can discuss your background, your hobbies, your volunteer work, or whatever it is that you’re into. Finally, remember to keep good eye contact with them and don’t fidget or stoop.

Weddings don’t have to be a dreaded event in your life. You should be happy to take part of the celebration of this special person in your life. Don’t worry if you’re single. Use your friend’s wedding to see the things you like and dislike. After all, we don’t believe it will be long before it’s you walking down the aisle.
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