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When you really like a guy and want to take the relationship to the next level, it can be hard to feel optimistic when he’s sending you signs that he’s not really feeling you. After all, when a guy is really into you, you will know. But what if he isn’t? Well, you can rest assured he’ll be guilty of at least one of the behaviors on the list below.

As the best Raleigh Hills dating service, we know there’s nothing worse than investing your time on someone only to be shut down in the end. To help you figure out where you stand with this man, our Portland matchmakers will reveal the telltale signs he’s not interested in dating you so you can move on with your dignity intact.

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1. He never texts or calls you first.

Are you always the one who sends the first message? Are you the one who calls him? Then he’s definitely not interested in dating you. If he really liked you and wanted to date you, he would be the one calling and texting you first. Trust us, when a guy is into a woman, it will show in his actions.

2. His replies are short.

We all know that women love to text long messages. But men also like to text too. If you find yourself sending him long messages only to get one-word answers, then he’s definitely not interested in dating you. If you’re getting super short replies every time you talk, and he doesn’t continue the conversation, then he’s definitely not into you. Granted, some guys are old-school and don’t like to text, but even those who don’t like to text will give their best efforts if they really like a woman.

3. He doesn’t ask anything about your life.

When you like someone, you want to know how they’re doing, right? Well, if a man isn’t bothering to ask you anything about your day, what you had for lunch, or what you’re doing in the evening, then he’s certainly not interested in dating you. In fact, he doesn’t care about you at all.

4. He doesn’t open up.

You’re sitting at home wondering what you know about him. The answer is not much. While it’s true that some men don’t open up easily, if you don’t know anything about him, then he’s definitely not interested in you. If you find yourself completely oblivious to who he is, what he does for a living, or who his friends are, then he’s not sharing anything with you. Why? Because he doesn’t want to date you. He’s keeping his distance with you.

5. He never has time to hang out.

Everyone leads a busy life today, but everyone will make time for someone they’re into despite their super busy schedule. If he’s always busy and goes days or weeks without setting up a date with you, then he’s not interested in dating you (and certainly not worth your precious time and efforts).

6. He flirts with other women.

Have you ever noticed the man you have your eye on flirting with other women? Does he do it in front of you? Ladies, listen up: if a man is really interested in dating you, he will pay no attention to other women, and he certainly won’t be flirting with them in front of you. Any man who is flirting with others is openly showing you that he doesn’t care about your feelings. He might even be hoping you take the hint.

Dating is tough today, and men send many mixed signals, but use this guide to figure out where this guy stands on dating you. Sometimes your intuition can tell you that he’s not interested in dating you, but now you know how to find concrete proof he’s not interested in you romantically.

Ladies, don’t stress about one guy because there are plenty of fish in the sea. If you’re single & looking for love, contact the best Raleigh Hills dating service and let our professional matchmakers introduce you to quality singles in Portland today. We only work with relationship-minded men, so there’s no questioning their true intentions. We’ll introduce you to                                        quality men who are emotionally fit, financially stable, and compatible with you. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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