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It’s challenging to go into the dating scene and wonder if the man you’re dating is not the one for you. And to answer that question, Portland Singles matchmakers know it’s very tempting to focus on him and monitor everything he says and all his behaviors in hopes of predicting the future.

But here’s the truth you need to know. The only real way you can figure out if he’s right for you is through you. Your gut instinct should tell you everything you need to know, and it will never let you down. It is already telling you and you should listen to it.

Here are some helpful ways from Portland Singles matchmakers to figure out if the man you’re dating is NOT the right one for you.

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1. You feel frustrated and confused with him.

He tells you all the right things (the things you want to hear), but his actions don’t align with what he’s saying. You are feeling baffled and frustrated and neither feeling is good.

When it comes to communication and trust, there isn’t any better way of knowing than the way he behaves with you. When his words and actions don’t line up, it’s so tempting to ignore it, but our Portland Singles matchmakers know it could leave you with a broken heart. Remember, actions never lie.

2. You don’t trust him.

Without trust, you simply cannot have a relationship. In a strong and healthy relationship your partner should make you feel at ease. You should feel safe and secure and never feel like you’re questioning his every move.

If you don’t believe the things he tells you, or you’re always questioning his motives and whereabouts, then you know he’s not the one for you. You can’t spend the rest of your life wondering if he’s going to cheat because that would be exhausting.

Maybe he has cheated on you in the past or maybe you caught him in a few lies, but sometimes, it’s just something that lingers inside of you, making you feel uneasy. Even though you can’t quite pinpoint what it is, you know you can’t trust him. Either way, our Portland Singles matchmakers know this is a big red flag that lets you know the man you’re dating is not the right one for you.

3. There is no connection at all.

Sexual chemistry is good, and it’s definitely important for a relationship, but it won’t be all it needs to keep it alive. A good sex life is only one piece of the puzzle, and yet for many couples, it’s the only thing they have going for them. Many women stay in unfulfilling relationships only because there is sexual chemistry, clearly overlooking all the other signs he’s not the right one for a relationship.

For your relationship to last, you and your partner must have a deeper connection, and this goes way beyond the bedroom. You need to know who he is, what he wants out of life, his hopes and dreams, his fears, and everything in between. You must really connect with each other if you want a happy and healthy relationship.

4. He brings out the worst in you.

Relationships are supposed to bring out the best in both partners. But many women stay with bad men who bring out the worst in them. Sometimes, you might not even know the person your relationship had made you to be. Women get so caught up with their feelings that they overlook the fact that they are changing who they are.

Maybe you have changed from your previously confident way and have now become insecure. It doesn’t mean he’s a bad man, but it does mean he’s a bad man for you. The point of a relationship is to bring out the best in each partner, and if your partner is not doing that, then our Portland Singles matchmakers know you are dating the wrong man.

5. You don’t have any common values.

In order to have a successful relationship, you and your partner must have the same fundamental values. Love will not conquer it all. Trust us, if you are not compatible with one another, there is no way your relationship will ever survive.

Everyone has different values. For some, it will be their religion, and for others, it means having a strong work ethic or leading a healthy lifestyle. Many relationships end because of not having the same values and core beliefs. If his values are the opposite of yours, then this relationship is going to end badly.

6. He has no respect for you.

Respect is the most overlooked element to a relationship, but our Portland Singles matchmakers know it’s one of the most important ones. If you plan on having a long lasting relationship, then your man needs to respect you. Respect is key; a relationship cannot function without. Respect is also a two-way street; if you don’t respect him, and he does not respect you, there is no way the relationship will ever work. He must respect you as a person, respect your beliefs, goals, and aspirations—and especially respect the boundaries you have set.

The most difficult thing to do in a relationship is recognize when it’s not working and muster up the strength to walk away. Now that you know the signs he’s not the one, we encourage you to walk away from that unhealthy relationship before it brings you down.

If a long lasting, committed relationship is what you’re after, you must be able to recognize the warning signs that indicate the man you’re dating is not the one for you. Once you walk away from that relationship, our Portland Singles matchmakers will be waiting to help you out. Let us help you find a compatible man who is a good fit for your life, someone who truly brings out the best in you!

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