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Are you one of the Portland singles who’s recently been dumped? Or maybe you did the dumping?

The first step for getting over your ex is deleting them from all your social media accounts. If you’re a little hesitant about doing that, or it seems too soon, here’s why you should do it.

Today, our Portland Singles matchmakers are going to show you the top reasons to block your ex from Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media accounts you use.

1. He won’t have the chance to send you secret messages via pictures/status.

Unless he’s a high schooler, he’s not going to try to win you back through public displays of affection. He’d rather quietly remove “in a relationship” from his social media accounts and hope no one in world will notice. If you’re looking for a big dramatic and public scene regarding the end of your relationship, maybe that’s one of the reasons you broke up in the first place. You just have expectations that couldn’t be met.

2. You won’t go through his pics when you have a drink.

And you’ll be crying, especially if you were on the receiving end of the breakup. It’s always nice to reminisce about old times, but doing so right after a breakup can be a torture for you. Give your wounds some time to heal before you reminisce on the old days.

3. You’ll be wary of every woman he friends.

As a single man, he has a right to start adding new women to his social media pages. Still, trying to figure out who might be his next girlfriend is an unhealthy hobby. In fact, if you’re that involved, you’re borderline stalking him. Yikes, you don’t want to be that woman.

4. You will start comparing lives.

This sounds petty, but if a breakup ended very badly, you’ll be rooting for him to fail in life. You may find yourself checking his profile every day to see if you’re doing better than him. But really, since you’re still so hung up on him, you’re really not in the lead. Let him live his own life and you live yours. If it was meant to be, you could always unblock him down the road.

5. You’ll form grudges.

Eventually, he will meet someone new, and you’ll inevitably hate her right away. Take a deep breath – you might be envious, but this girl did absolutely nothing to you. Unless she was the one who broke up the relationship, she’s an innocent party. The best way to avoid looking at her Instagram account and judging her for what she posts is to simply block your ex and try to forget about her.

6. You could DM him.

If you’re looking at his profile, you might be tempted to send him a message. That message may be angry or embarrassing after your senses come back to you. You can’t take back the words you said, so let this breakup cool down for a while before you say something you’ll regret later.

There are many reasons to block your ex from your social media accounts. Social media adds a deeper, unnecessary level of complexity to a breakup. You are already hurting from the breakup and don’t need the extra pain, stress, and drama that comes from remaining friends on social media. The final decision in this ongoing breakup debate is to do what’s best for you and just delete them so you can move on.

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