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Whether you’re the one rebounding or the person on the receiving end, it can be very difficult to know if you’re in a rebound relationship. And what is a rebound relationship anyways? What makes them so toxic?

The truth is, they’re very different from other relationships. Many people will tell you that rebounding is the best way to get over someone. While this never works, it’s still a popular dating myth. People use this method to get their ex off their mind while their wound is still fresh. However, it is very unhealthy and not recommended. A lot of people get in rebound relationships and don’t take time to heal from their past relationship. And when the rebound ends, they feel worse than when it started.

A rebound relationship is when you break up and jump right back into the arms of someone else instead of giving yourself time to heal. Today, our Portland matchmaking service will show you the telltale signs you’re in a rebound relationship.

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1. You were just dumped.

So you and your ex just broke up and you’re dating someone new just a few days later. While you can be all defensive about this, we’re sorry to tell you but you’re rebounding. You might think your partner is the one, but give it a few months and you’ll realize that this was only a rebound relationship.

2. You still think about your ex.

If you find yourself thinking about all the fun memories you had with your ex, even though you’re dating someone new, then you’re in a rebound relationship. The only purpose of a rebound relationship is to forget about your ex. But if you’re dating someone to forget your ex, you shouldn’t be dating to begin with.

3. Things are moving fast.

If your new relationship started off fast and you were in the bedroom after a couple dates, then, yes, this is a rebound relationship. In the world of dating, getting intimate should take time. If you’re already in the bedroom after just a few days of being with them, then you’re rebounding.

4. Your relationship is sex-based.

Many people ask what a rebound relationship is, but it’s ’s simple: it’s a sex-based relationship. Sex makes people forget about their ex for the time-being. If you’re in a relationship that is nothing but sex-driven, then you’re in a rebound relationship.

5. You never hang out with their friends or family.

Basically, the only thing the two of you do is have sex. You never hang out with their friends or family members. In fact, you don’t even know who they are or what they’re like. This is because neither of you think it’s important.

6. You never talk about the future.

Neither of you ever bring up plans for the future, not even the near future. That’s because you both only care about having sex. If you’re in a relationship where all you do is have fun in the bedroom, then you’re just rebounding.

7. You talk bad about your ex.

If the only topic of conversation is your ex, especially trash talking, then you’re in a rebound relationship. Have you ever had a deep conversation with this person? Ask yourself this question. If you haven’t, you’re rebounding.

8. Things don’t feel real.

You can tell something is off but ignore it anyway. If you’re reading this article, then chances are you know something is up. If your relationship doesn’t feel right and you’re unhappy in some way, then it’s a sign that something is wrong. In this case, you’re in a rebound relationship.

9. You don’t know much about their past.

This is because they don’t let you into their life. You simply don’t talk about anything meaningful because the relationship is sex-driven. Not knowing much about someone and still being in a relationship with them is sign it’s not real.

10. They talk badly about their ex.

And they do it often to make you believe they’re head over heels for you. They will talk poorly about their ex to make you think you’re the only one. This simply means they’re not over them.

So what is a rebound relationship? Well, it’s basically a sex-driven relationship that’s entered after one partner leaves a long-term relationship. So are you in a rebound relationship? Do you have any other ways to tell you’re rebounding?

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