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Love is exciting. Our Portland matchmakers know that love is a complex emotion, as well. But it can also be shown in so many different ways. Whether or not you and your partner have already exchanged those magic words with each other, there are simply ways you can you him how you feel about him. The best thing about it – you can do it without saying a word.

Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to reveal how to show your partner that you love him – each and every day.

1. Do something to make his day easy.

Whether it’s running a few errands, getting chores done around the house, or quickly dropping off lunch for him at work, small and large favors can take a huge weight off his shoulders. By going out of your way to make your guy’s life a little less stressful, you’re showing him that you’re willing to do whatever you have to do to ease his nerves and make him happy.

2. Pamper him.

Society encourages women to participate in self-care routines. On the other hand, men often receive the message that they should be tough. Take some time to give the guy you’re dating a taste of a spa treatment at home. Get the bath ready, give him a full body massage, and do a mud mask together. Giving him the opportunity and guidance to slow down and give his body a treat is an act of love.

3. Surprise him with something he loves.

Do you feel loved when your boyfriend shows up with flowers and chocolates? How about your favorite ice cream? Find the chance to do the same for him. Have his favorite dish made when he gets home from work or take him out to eat at his favorite restaurant. These “just because” surprises can really show him how much you love him every day of the year.

4. Write a romantic note.

Just because you’re not saying “I love you” doesn’t mean you can’t show your feelings towards him in a romantic note. A handwritten note telling him all the things you like about him, and how happy you are to have him in your life, is a great way to express love. Give it to him after a particularly tough day at work. Or put it on his bathroom counter for him to see in the morning to get his day started off right.

5. Set up quality time together.

No matter how busy and crazy your schedule is, you and your guy should spend quality time together. One night, give him a date you know he will love. For example, lay out his favorite video games, order a pizza, and prepare his favorite drink. Then sit back and just enjoy quality time together. This gesture shows that you love spending time with him no matter what it is that you’re doing together.

Love is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You obviously agree with that or you wouldn’t be here today reading this relationship blog. Use these five simple gestures to show your love for your guy every single day of the year.

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