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Some people have no problem walking up to the person they find attractive and asking them out on a date – without any type of fear or uncertainty. Other people, however, can’t even look at someone they like because of their shyness.

So how do shy women snag a date? Well, they’ve mastered the art of getting a guy to talk to them instead of being the first person to break the ice. It works out better this way because they already know the guy wants to talk to them since, after all, they are the ones approaching and talking first.

If you’re like most women, then you most likely watch your crush from afar. You daydream about the time you push all your insecurities aside, stride right up to him, and ask him on date. But then you snap back to reality the very second you see him turn your way.

If you’re shy and would like to have men approach you, let our Portland matchmakers show you a few tips and secrets for having a guy walk up to you and start a conversation.

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1. Make eye contact.

Nothing says, “I’m interested in dating you,” like eye contact from across the room. If you really want him to approach you, then you have to show him that you’re available to him. If you’re never looking in his direction, he’s not going to think you’re interested in talking to him. You have to make eye contact and even hold that gaze for a second or two to show that you’re open to him approaching you.

2. Don’t forget to smile.

If you’re just blankly looking at him, he might just think that you’re spacing out or perhaps even looking at someone else. Show off your pearly whites and smile at him. It’s a fact that men are more attracted to women who smile than those who don’t.

It’s basically a big red arrow over your head telling him that he can approach you and start a conversation.

3. Wave at him.

If the smile didn’t do the trick, then you need to wave at him. If you really want him to talk to you, you can’t go wrong with the wave. Trust us, it’s very effective. We know this one is hard if you happen to be shy.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who someone is looking at, and he could dismiss your gazes thinking they’re meant for another guy.

But a cute wave will always do the job. Don’t just flop your hand around in the air. Give him a little shy wave once you know he’s looking at you. Just a little wave of your fingers is enough to have him excusing himself from his group and coming over to talk with you.

4. Buy him a drink.

Who says men are the only ones that can buy a drink for someone? This is a bold move, but it will certainly get the job done.

If a guy you like is at the bar and too busy chatting with his friends to have noticed you, ask the bartender to send him over another drink, on you. He’ll obviously ask the bartender where the drink came from and when he knows you sent it, he’ll come over and talk to you. You couldn’t have delivered a better opening.

So you see, getting a guy to approach you isn’t as hard as you might think. Use these tips from our Portland matchmakers and start getting guys to do the hard work of making the approach. Once you get him to come over and introduce himself, you can rest easily knowing he’s into you too. Now you can relax and just be yourself.

If you’re too shy to get men to approach you but would love to meet relationship-minded single men in Portland, contact our matchmakers today and let us introduce you to compatible local singles.

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