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Single for the holidays? Maybe you should count your blessings. Believe it or not, our Portland matchmakers know that the holidays are a difficult time to be in a relationship. Okay, okay, so it’s always more fun to be coupled up. But believe us, it’s no walk in the park being in a relationship either. There are many holiday dating challenges for couples that singles don’t even realize.

The holidays aren’t always a happy time. Dating during the holiday season can add a lot of stress to a relationship, especially if the couple doesn’t work together.

Don’t get us wrong. We love the holidays. Lots of delicious food, visits with friends and family, and the gifts are definitely a plus. Brandy with eggnog, anyone?

But nonetheless, our Portland matchmakers know that the holidays can definitely be stressful. And particularly for relationships. This helpful blog will address the biggest challenges faced by many couples today. None of these will outright kill your relationship. But when they aren’t all taken on together, it makes for a horrible holiday season.

Holiday Dating Challenges for Couples

Today, our expert Portland matchmakers are going to reveal the biggest challenges of dating during the holiday season.

1. Having too high of expectations.

We all grew up seeing Christmas in a unique way. Traditions were created, some that we still follow. But when couples come together and one wants a real tree and the other wants to buy a fake one, it can cause a lot of stress in the relationship. It hurts when the person you love the most doesn’t cherish the things you cherish about the holidays.

And these expectations go far beyond buying a real tree vs. fake one. Some couples need to see everyone they know and demand their partner to come along. Other couples have different ideas about how they want their children to view Christmas. You should always talk to your partner about what matters to you the most about Christmas. Talk about what you want and what they want and find a way to compromise.

2. Making the rounds with friends and family.

Meeting your own family for the holidays can be stressful and time-consuming. Mix a visit with your in-laws into the picture and you’ve got yourself more reason to feel overwhelmed. Traveling during the holiday season can be stressful. But for some people, it’s the only time of the year they get to see their family. In other words, it’s very important.

And on top of that, you have Christmas party after Christmas party. You need to put in face with your partner’s friends. You need to cook for this and shop for that. Ugh, all these things can make the holiday season very stressful and chaotic. It’s not easy to handle, especially when you have two people’s friends and family (and maybe even work events) to contend with.

3. Tons of expenses.

Traveling costs, party expenses, gifts, food, baked goods, alcohol, it never ends. And all this on top of what you normally have to deal with, yikes! Guys especially will stress about all the money they have to spend buying gifts. Seriously, you don’t need to hit credit card limits and deplete your savings to have a good Christmas. You need to draw the line about how much money you will spend this holiday. Agree on a set amount of money you’ll both spend on gifts and stick to it. That’s one of the easiest ways to avoid creating more stress on yourself this Christmas.

So there you have it. The top three challenges couples face during the holiday season. If you’re struggling with all the holiday stress, follow these tips from our Portland matchmakers. We hope these tips help ease your nerves and make things less frustrating and chaotic for you. After all, tis the season to be enjoyed with loved ones. Above all, you want to enjoy this magical time of year with your loving partner.

If you’re single and searching for that special someone, contact our Portland matchmakers. Let us give you the gift of love!

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