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Breaking up is never fun. Actually, when you think about it, it really stinks. While the typical breakup process goes something like this: you get depressed, bury yourself in a pint of ice-cream or a bottle of wine, text your boyfriend 24/7 asking for forgiveness, and listen to depressing songs, things could be a little different if you’re prepared instead of blindsided. In other words, you can totally figure out if your boyfriend isn’t interested in you anymore so you don’t have to prolong the pain.

As Portland matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience, we know how badly breakups hurt, and to save you from more pain down the road, we’re here to reveal the warning signs you’re about to get dumped. It’s better to find out sooner than later so you can be prepared.

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1. His Behavior Has Changed

Think about the way your boyfriend is acting today compared to the way he acted when you first started dating (or even a few months ago). If he used to text you every morning and every night yet you rarely hear from him these days, then something is going on.

If your boyfriend doesn’t text you anymore and you feel that he’s acting completely different, you don’t want to ignore it. Chances are he’s falling out of love and is no longer invested in the relationship.

2. You’re the One Putting in All the Efforts

You’re the one who initiates the dates—you pick the restaurant, you choose every movie to watch, you’re the one who sends the first text, you’re the one to invite his friends and family, and you bring up the future. In other words, you’re the only one putting in any efforts. But believe us, this isn’t going to save your relationship. In fact, you might not even have a relationship anymore because it’s become one-sided.

You can definitely ask your boyfriend what’s going on—why you seem to be the only one to be putting in any efforts. Just be ready and prepared for him to come out and admit that he’s no longer into you. After all, this would not be happening if he were still feeling it.

3. He Avoids the Future

If you mention that you want to go to the movies on the weekend or take a couples vacation to an exotic destination, your boyfriend should answer in a normal way—as in, he should be happy talking about the future. If he shuts down or ignores the future with you, or he seems miserable every time you bring it up, then you have your answer.

It might be hard to admit that you no longer share the same future anymore, but it’s honestly better to find out now rather than being hit with it a few months down the road. You need a boyfriend who wants to do things with you, not someone who shuts down when you mention plans together.

4. He Doesn’t Care About Milestones

Whether it’s a personal milestone—like your birthday—or a couple’s one—like your anniversary—your boyfriend should care about what’s going on in your life. More than that, he should want to celebrate important milestones together. If that’s not happening, then it’s safe to say that he might have lost interest in you and the relationship.

It’s hard to realize and accept, but it’s even harder to date someone who no longer cares about you. Remember that if the two of you aren’t putting in the same efforts, then all you can do is accept it and call it quits.

Getting dumped by your boyfriend will definitely hurt, and we’re not going to sugarcoat it. But it’s better to know now rather than get blindsided down the road.

If you want to meet relationship-minded men in Portland but don’t know how or don’t have the time, contact our Portland matchmakers and let us assist you on your search. To request a FREE matchmaking consultation, fill out the private survey at the top of the page today!

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