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Even if you consider yourself an expert when it comes to modern dating, it’s always intimidating meeting new guys for the first time. This is especially true when you’re hoping for someone that could potentially turn into your future husband one day. To avoid totally wasting your precious time, our Portland matchmakers are going to show you the top warning signs he’s not looking for commitment.

1. He gives you mixed signals.

This is one of the clearest distinctions between a boy and a real man. Is he sending you mixed signals? Sending someone mixed signals is basically pretty common in today’s modern dating scene, with so many women simply settling for guys who aren’t really ready to commit. Meanwhile, she wants a real and meaningful relationship. Ladies, do not settle for a guy who is only stringing you along and giving you mixed signals. Find a man who is 100 percent real with you.

2. He won’t always answer you.

Look, you can’t expect that your boyfriend is going to respond to all your text messages and phone calls right away. And he shouldn’t expect you to do that either. That’s just not possible. If a guy seems to be ignoring you or always taking way too long to get back to you, it’s a sign that the guy you’re dating is a boy who isn’t ready for commitment.

It means that he does not take communication as seriously as you do, and that he doesn’t really care what you have to say to him.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, we get it. But it’s better to do it now than to waste your precious time with him. You deserve someone who is mature and understands the importance of communication in a relationship.

3. He doesn’t make real plans with you.

It’s a shame that so many men these days think that the height of romance is texting their girl and watching movies at home. That’s not really dating. That’s immature – that’s what boys do. One sign that a guy is not ready to be serious with you is when he won’t make plans with you. If he just randomly hits you up on your phone on the the weekends, we’re sorry to tell you but you have a boy. This guy is not a real man. And he’s definitely not looking for anything serious.

4. He is shady about his past.

Ever get involved with a guy who just can’t open up about his past? Yup, it stinks. It makes you feel like he is been super secretive, even when he hasn’t done anything wrong. A guy who can’t be open and honest about his past may not be ready for a relationship.

It might mean that he isn’t fully over his ex, or that he doesn’t even know how to be in a mature relationship to begin with.

5. He lies.

Do you catch him in lies all the time? Does he do everything he can to avoid making plans with you? Does he tell you he has to work late yet you find out from his social media that he was actually out drinking with the guys? Does he make plans but cancel last minute? Lies. Lies. Lies. And more lies.

No woman deserves to put up with a man who lies all the time. You simply can’t have a relationship with a liar. A relationship requires trust, and you can’t trust someone who’s done nothing but lie from the beginning. Trust us, you might think he’ll change or that you’ll learn to trust him, but you won’t. You’ll always be questioning his whereabouts and second-guessing his stories. It’s not healthy.

There are plenty of telltale signs a guy isn’t ready to commit. Keep your eyes open, ladies. Take it from us, they’re always there.

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