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Our Portland dating and relationship experts know that people have a natural inclination to want to be in a relationship. Whether it’s for procreation, sexual needs, or they’re just looking for someone special to spend their life with. If you find yourself single for a long period of time, you might start to feel as though you need to do anything just to get into a relationship. Suddenly, anyone that crosses your dating path is dating potential, but only because you’re desperate. So what happens when you meet someone but instead of having a happy relationship, things aren’t going as planned?

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Why Do People Feel Trapped in Their Relationships?

There are many reasons why people feel trapped in relationships—some are innocent while others are very harmful. The key to addressing an unhappy relationship can be done in two simple steps and we’ll show you today.

1. Figure Out Your Situation

Are either of you doing something that is preventing you from having a happy life? Are you really unhappy or are you simply bored?

2. Talk with Your Partner

Listen to your partner’s needs and explain yours to them as well. Have an honest talk about the relationship, and if things aren’t working, then you need to break it off completely before you go any further.

Signs You Are In a Troubled Relationship

If you’re not quite sure why you’re feeling this way, then the following signs from our Portland dating and relationship experts should help you figure it out.

1. You’re Not Happy

This is the easiest way to tell you’re in a bad relationship. While some people will whine and complain about not having a special someone, you will just go on living with the partner you’re with. If you find yourself feeling depressed or just cringe at the thought of coming home to your partner after work, then it might be because you’re in a bad relationship.

Don’t feel bad about this. People get bored and lose interest quickly. And while it’s not a walk in the park, sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and end your relationship.

If you feel like you have done everything in your power to save your relationship, or you have simply lost all interest in saving it, get out of the relationship right now. There’s no point in stringing things along.

2. You Have Become a Superhero

If, instead of enjoying your relationship, you feel like you always have to save it, then you might feel overwhelmed and unhappy in your relationship. Spending too much time trying to fix your partner, whether it’s their personality or a bad habit, it will take a toll on you. What’s worse is that you might end up feeling like you can’t leave them unless you fix the problem.

This is an understandable situation. Of course it is your job to support your boyfriend or girlfriend, since that is what a partner is supposed to do, but if they aren’t willing to change, then it’s acceptable to break things off with them. There is no need to feel trapped in a relationship like this.

3. You Have Already Tried to Leave

You have already tried leaving this relationship because you know it’s not good, but your partner broke out in tears and began begging for another chance. Our Portland dating and relationship experts call this staying out of pity. And trust us, you are not doing yourself a favor.

This will only lead to resentment between you and your partner, so don’t let fear or pity stop you from breaking things off and moving on with your life.

4. You Are Not Yourself

An easy way to figure out if you’re in a bad relationship is to do a quick examination of yourself and how much you have changed since you entered this relationship.

Sure, people change as they grow older, but if you have turned into a “Yes, man” or “Yes, Ma’am” or a partner who doesn’t have a voice of their own, then odds are that the person you’re with is not the right person for you.

5. Your Friends & Family Noticed You Have Changed

Your friends and family might be wrong; however, they can see things from an outside perspective. If your close friends and family members have said to you that you have changed, then our Portland dating and relationship experts encourage you to listen to them.

In fact, they will notice things before you do. If trusted friends and family started to question your relationship, or your partner, it might be time to take a step back and ponder. They might see a problem you don’t.

6. You Have Begun to Stray

If you find yourself seeking another partner or have started an affair, one thing is clear: you need to end your relationship.

Straying, emotionally or physically, will do more damage in the end. Not to mention, it’s something our Portland dating experts call bad karma.

7. Your Partner Is Controlling of You

If you find yourself being controlled by your partner, whether it’s emotionally or physically, it’s time to end it now. Partners who are controlling in the relationship are not the right partners to be with. If you feel trapped, it might be time to start making an exit plan, especially if they are physically abusive with you.

There is no reason to stay in a bad relationship that leaves you feeling drained and troubled. Even if there are children in the picture, or investments, the best thing you can do is leave that relationship. It is better to cut your ties now rather than to sit around and take it for one more day. You need to get out of this relationship before it’s too late.

If you are looking for a relationship-minded partner who is looking to settle down, pamper you, and love you unconditionally, contact our expert matchmakers here today. Simply fill out the confidential questionnaire at the top of our page to get started today!

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