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We’re only a few weeks away from welcoming 2018, and the time has come to start thinking about dating resolutions for the upcoming year. Whether it’s trying something new for singles or improving your current relationship, it is important to create goals and stay on the right path no matter where you are in your romantic life.

As the best Portland dating service, we’re here to help you set new dating resolutions for the upcoming year. While some of these dating resolutions are fun, others are a little more serious. But all of them are equally important.

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1. Stay Open for Love

Stop complaining that there are no singles left or that you can’t stand the people your friends set you up with. Look around, you never know where your future partner could be standing. They could be at a concert, supermarket, or a local coffee shop. Seriously, you just never know unless you keep your eyes open.

2. Listen to Your Gut Feeling

If the voice inside is telling you that there’s something wrong with them, then get out before it gets worse. Your gut instinct is there for a reason. If something doesn’t feel right, leave. Save yourself the time, frustrations, and despair.

3. Stop Protecting Your Heart

If you turn someone down simply because you’re afraid of getting your heart broken, then you’re never going to find love in 2018. Start giving people a chance; otherwise, you’ll be single forever.

4. Stop Having High Expectations

Of course having standards is important for dating, but being overly stringent about the people you date will only make things harder. Does it really matter if they’re not tall or blonde if they treat you nicely? Keep an open mind, go on actual dates, and don’t dismiss people based on looks or silly quirks.

5. Dress for Yourself

Your wardrobe is your personality, so make sure the personality you’re putting out there is saying the right thing. It’s time to spruce things up by picking up a few key pieces that will boost your confidence.

6. Choose Yourself First

Your mental health will always come before your dating life. Take care of yourself and your well-being. The only relationship you can really count on is the one with yourself. If the current relationship you have with yourself isn’t right, then you won’t find love. Work hard to create a loving and balanced relationship with yourself so you can attract and keep a partner around for the long-term.

7. Don’t Crack Under Pressure

There’s no time limit when it comes to love. Ignore everyone around you—parents, friends, and colleagues—who ask you to choose someone because your time is running out. You could possibly find your forever man or woman in your 40s or 50s, so don’t rush anything along. Otherwise, you run the risk of settling for less than you deserve.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Make the First Move

Usually if you see someone attractive, you probably just stare at them and expect them to say hello to you. Well, in 2018, we want you to change that and instead make the first move. Go up to them and introduce yourself because you never know where things can go from there. Even if they’re in a relationship, you at least tried. This will build up your confidence for the future.

9. Surround Yourself with Healthy People

Stop hanging out with people who are naysayers and downers. Stop listening to their advice. Why do you think they’re single to begin with? Start surrounding yourself with happy people who believe in healthy relationships.

10. Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

If you’re in a relationship, then 2018 is the year you do something different. Do something you’ve never done before, even if it’s something small.

These are our favorite dating resolutions for 2018. Whether you’re single or taken, make 2018 the year you improve your love life. We wish you a very love-filled and prosperous New Year.

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