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Here’s the crazy thing about relationships. We all want to be in one, but at the same time, we’re always the doing things that end up pushing our partner away. As the best Portland dating service, we hear it all the time.

Don’t get us wrong, we would never advocate changing who you are just for a guy. But there are certain things women are prone to doing when they enter a relationship. Are you guilty of any of these behaviors and tendencies that drive men away?

Today, our Portland dating service is going to show you the things women do that annoy their boyfriends. If you do these things, it’s time to wise up and cut them out before your boyfriend walks out.

1. Not Having Any Friends

If you have no friends of your own and your life revolves around your man, well, that could actually be hurting the relationship. When a woman has a life outside of the relationship, it’s very attractive to guys because they don’t have to worry about being with them 24/7. If you are socially awesome, you will be a magnet to men.

If you don’t have anyone in your life that you consider important, your guy might wonder why you don’t have any friends. He will also cringe at the thought of having to be with you all the time.

2. Making Fun of Him in Front of His Friends

Every guy wants to be with a girl that makes him feel like he is a king. So if you start telling his friends about how he loves to sleep with a stuffed animal, he’s going to get really annoyed. This isn’t a hard one to figure out, really. Just don’t make fun of your boyfriend if front of anyone.

3. Bombarding Him with Texts

So you text your guy and he doesn’t get back to you within five minutes. We know how annoying that can be. You assume that if you send him 20 more messages that he’ll respond to you faster. It’s tricky logic and doesn’t work. A guy is not more likely to respond just because you keep sending message after message.

There’s usually a good reason why a guy is not responding to your messages. He could be busy at work or even sleeping. Women have a bad habit of thinking a guy doesn’t like her anymore if he doesn’t respond right away.

4. Driving to His Place to Check Up on Him

We probably don’t have to tell you why this is a horrible idea. Really, you should already know. Whether you want to hear it or not, this type of behavior is definitely not acceptable. You need to be able to trust your boyfriend, so there should be no reason for you to be driving by his house to check up on him. If you don’t trust him, you should never be in a relationship with him.

If your guy actually catches you driving by his house, he’s not going to be very happy about it. There’s no reason for you to assume that he’s not doing exactly what he said he was doing. Guys won’t tolerate this type of behavior.

5. Denying When Something Is Wrong

We can’t even begin to tell you how annoying this is for men. They hate it. Ladies, we hate to break it to you but men aren’t mind readers. They don’t know why you’re cranky, mad, or upset. It’s up to you to speak up and let them know what’s on your mind. If they are doing something that is upsetting you, tell them. If they don’t know it’s bothering you, they are going to continue doing it.

If you’ve been wondering how you’re measuring up as a girlfriend, we hope this list of bad girlfriend behaviors helps you narrow it down. If you’re guilty of any of these bad habits, nix them today before your boyfriend gets so annoyed that he walks away.

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