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While being a mama’s boy isn’t a complete deal breaker, dating one isn’t easy. This is a different kind of beast that requires a lot of patience from any woman. Not only do you always have to compete with her, but you’ll wonder if he’ll ever give you as much attention and adoration as her. Again, since she always come first, you’ll always be in competition with her. This is strange, not only because you’re the one dating him, but because she’s always poking around your business. It’s weird, but it’s very common in today’s dating scene.

Mama’s boys are hard to deal with, no doubt. But how do you know you’re dating one? Today, our Portland dating service will show you five telltale signs you’re dating a mama’s boy.

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1. He calls her for advice all the time.

He’s getting ready to make an expensive purchase—fridge, mattress, or sofa—but who does he call for advice? Not you… his mother. Only once he gets her advice is he able to make the purchase. Even if he’s not sure whether or not to take the job promotion, he’ll call his mother and ask her for the pros and cons before making his decision. He turns to her for everything, little things too. As matchmakers, we know that no woman in the world wants to feel like her opinion is not valued by her partner.

2. Her opinion is above everyone’s.

He buys a new shirt but doesn’t try just for you, he tries it on for his mother too. You like it because he looks very attractive and in shape. She doesn’t think it looks good. In her opinion, it’s too tight. So what does he do? He doesn’t listen to you. He runs to the store to return it. He just moved into a new condo, which you’ve been helping him decorate. His mom comes over and doesn’t like the way you arranged the place. So what does he do? He listens to his mom and follows her corrections. You come to his place later only to find it completely different than when you left it, and now it has his mama’s touch.

3. She takes care of everything for him.

He’s 38-years-old, but his mom still does his taxes, covers his car payments, and takes care of his insurance. If he’s ever in a financial bind, his mom doesn’t mind pulling out her credit card to pay for whatever he needs. If he needs someone to watch his dog for the weekend, he calls his mom. She babies him in order to keep him close, and he doesn’t mind taking advantage of it. But it’s getting a little sickening to you, and it’s no wonder why.

4. He gets defensive when you bring up the topic.

You had it and finally called him a mama’s boy. What does he do? He gets immediately defensive because you offended him. When you tell him in any way that you think he’s a little too spoiled, he freaks out and goes off pouting to another room. Just another example of how he is still acting like a child.

5. He gets immature when she’s around.

Whenever his mom comes around, especially if it’s for a long period of time, he starts acting like an 8-year-old again. He complains about the meal at the restaurant, he whines about his boss, and he’s upset about his team losing last week. He asks her to make him hot cocoa or a foot rub just like she used to do when he was a kid. He even lays on the sofa so she can caress him on the forehead. He whines about the little things so his mom can console him.

Dating a mama’s boy is very challenging, and our professional advice is to get away from this guy unless you don’t mind being the third wheel in their relationship.

If you are ready to meet mature men who are relationship-ready and financially and emotionally stable, contact our Portland dating service today and let us help you meet them. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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