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Love is confusing – love hurts. As a Portland dating service with over 30 years in the business of love, we know that being in a relationship isn’t always as easy breezy as people make it out to be. Sometimes, it can really feel like things aren’t going as well as they once did. This feeling can naturally lead people to wonder if their partner is still happy in the relationship or if they secretly want to end it.

Today, our Portland dating experts are going to show you the signs your partner is getting ready to end the relationship.

1. His phone is suddenly off limits.

In a happy and trusting relationship, both the guy and the girl will have no problem using each other’s phones. Neither party will be especially overprotective of their phone. After all, if they are not doing anything wrong, there is no reason to be worried or touchy.

If a guy is hiding something, he won’t allow you to use his phone. If he is talking to someone that he doesn’t want you to know about, then he won’t let you near his phone. If your guy is suddenly being very protective of his phone, it’s time to worry.

2. He stops talking about the future together.

Two people who fully intend on staying together for the long haul will have no problem talking about the future together. After all, they’re excited to reach those big milestones together. But if a guy suddenly avoids talking about the future with his girlfriend, well, this is a guy who doesn’t intend on sticking around for long.

It’s a subtler sign, but it’s very important to pay attention if this is happening in your relationship. If you used to talk about future plans together on a regular basis and are no longer even making weekend plans, it’s time to take the blinders off and face the reality that things are quickly unraveling.

3. He can’t commit to big plans.

Let’s say that a girl asks her boyfriend if he wants to take a trip with her in a few months, and although he would normally be happy and excited about the possibility, this time he hesitates with his answer. For some unknown reason, he doesn’t want to commit to the plans.

This is a sign that he doesn’t think the relationship will last that long. He doesn’t want to get her hopes up or commit to something he knows he’s going to bail out of anyways. If your boyfriend can’t commit to any future plans with you, he’s probably ready to end the relationship.

4. He doesn’t do anything to keep the spark alive.

Let’s face it, long-term relationships take a lot of work and dedication, and after a couple of years together it’s completely normal for that initial spark to fade away and be replaced with a deeper and more committed feeling of love.

The honeymoon stage usually lasts for about a year or so. After that, couples really need to put the work in if they want the relationship to flourish. When a guy stops putting in that effort, it means he doesn’t care about the relationship anymore. You must approach this one carefully because he could also just be very busy or under a lot of other stress. Make sure you’re not misreading this one and causing yourself grief over nothing.

So tell us, how many of these things do you see in your relationship? Do you think your guy is planning on ending it?

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