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Portland MatchmakersNo matter how old you are, the way you connect with a man in the dating world is all about how you flirt with him. When we see women in their 40’s starting to date again, one thing they struggle with is flirting. Most of these otherwise outgoing and adventurous women have no clue how to go about flirting. They think it’s challenging and classless, but we know it’s not. And today, we want to help you kick up your own flirting skills in a classy and subtle way!

We have some new for you and you’re not going to like it. Do you want to know what happens when you do NOT flirt with a nice man? Well, you get a nice conversation and that is all you get. But you’re not looking for a friend, right? Of course not… We know you’re not in the dating world to find friends. When you meet a man who is attractive, you want him to know you’re after him… You want to be considered a candidate for dating. And this here is when flirting comes into play.

Today, our Portland matchmakers here at Portland Singles Dating Service will teach you classy ladies how to flirt with class, get the date, and be successful at dating.


1. Honesty Is Your Best Policy

The effectiveness of pickup lines is zero, even for the younger crowd, so they will clearly never work with someone in the mature dating scene. Older men have been around the block many times, and believe us, those lines you read online have lost their charm and are rarely effective. By using any lines, you actually risk coming off as insecure or even creepy. Our matchmakers recommend you stick to complimenting a man instead. Be honest, warm, and friendly and you might be surprised by your success in starting the conversation with a simple hello.

2. Give Him a Sincere Compliment

Have you ever noticed that women use compliments when they see other women? “I love your shirt,” “I love your purse,” “You look phenomenal today,” and so on. But why not do this when you see nice and attractive men? Granted, doing it takes a different approach, but who doesn’t like to hear an unexpected compliment? A sincere compliment with a man will take you to the next level.

You can let him know he has nice eyes, a nice smile, or even a nice tie, and trust us, he will appreciate the compliment, but that won’t get you as far as a more direct compliment. A mature man needs to hear more from you than the fact that he looks cute. With a mature man, you can let him know you agree with something he said. You can ask him his opinion on a book, laugh at his jokes, or tell him that his line of work sounds interesting and that you want to know more about it. Men don’t usually receive compliments from women, so when he hears yours, it will make you stand out and make him look twice.

3. Use Your Body to Your Advantage

Using your body to flirt doesn’t mean you need to come off as easy or too pushy. Remember how you used to flirt back when you were in your 20’s? Much of what you used to do was show skin, but that only attracted men at clubs and bars. You couldn’t do that at a local Starbucks or teahouse. You can be subtle but clear when you’re flirting. Stand straight in front of him with your feet parallel to his and always make eye contact. Try to be playful by brushing your hand against his or twirling your hair.

Men respond to this type of behavior instantly. Trust us, they cannot help themselves. He won’t have a clue what’s going on inside of him, he will just know he likes you and the positive and playful vibes you’re giving off.

4. Show It Off

This might be a hard thing to do as it is for most women. Women are not used to talking about themselves like men do, it’s not in them. Women are more humble and don’t like to brag, but you need to get over this if you want to attract his attention and make him want to get to know you. He is only going to know how great and confident you are if you let yourself shine. When you are talking to him, go ahead and squeeze in some of your favorite passions, accomplishments, life experiences, and what you plan on accomplishing in the future.

You will get his attention and it will make the date more memorable and a little more enticing. However, our matchmakers don’t want you to tell a long drawn out story. Keep things simple and he’ll want more and more.

5. Be Subtle & Respectful

When you were younger, clear advances and blatant innuendo might have seemed like the best techniques; however, those moves will prove to be unsuccessful when you are older. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or revealing, and always avoid being pushy or sexual. Don’t rely on innuendos or risky jokes to flirt. You can end up coming off as trashy or overbearing, which is certainly not what you want to be. Although those techniques might have worked in your younger years, they will not work now, especially not with a mature man looking for love. Also, remember to always keep your conversation respectful, intelligent, and classy.

6. Show That You’re Interested in Him

A simple “I had a good time with you this evening” will not cut it. Everyone says those things, and it’s likely to be filed under “I will never call her again.” Instead, why not spice things up and say something along the lines of “I had a great evening with you, Dave. I would love to do it again soon.” That sends the clear message that you are interested and open.

There is a big difference between this and asking him out directly. After you say the phrase mentioned above, stop. Now, you have helped make him feel safe and secure and appreciated as well. If he’s interested in seeing you again, it will be his turn to make the move. One last thing to remember if he doesn’t go for your attempts, he probably knows that the two of you will not be a match for the future (he could be looking for marriage while you’re not, you might have said something that turned him off, or he just isn’t feeling it).

Don’t let that discourage you in dating quest. You’ll get points in your dating Karma by making your date feel appreciated and it will be easier to do it the next time around (hopefully with the man you will settle down with).
If you’re ready to meet relationship-minded men in Portland, let our matchmakers here at Portland Singles be the ones to introduce you to them. Let us help you find a quality partner to share your life with!


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