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Does your bed feel empty at night?  Do you want someone to shop for on Valentine’s Day?  Do you want someone to text during the day?  Do you want a loving partner to tag on Facebook pictures?  Well, then, it sounds like you’re craving a boyfriend!

A lot of single women wait for the man to make the first move.  Maybe you are old fashioned and believe it to be the only way.  But do you really want that great fish to get away?  If you’re feeling determined to find a boyfriend in Portland, let our Oregon upscale matchmakers teach you the secrets to landing a man in the modern dating world.

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You Must Be Ready for a Boyfriend

In order for you to get into the zone of wanting a boyfriend, you need to be ready for a boyfriend, which means making some changes in your life.  Living your life as a single woman might have caused you to forget how to be attractive, how to be feminine, or how to be ready for a partner.  Maybe you let yourself go during the holidays and have gained a few extra pounds.  Maybe you’re used to not having anyone to answer to.  It’s time to make some changes and get ready to welcome love into your life.

If you want to boost your confidence and land a boyfriend in Portland, you’re going to have to do something to change things this year.  Start working out regularly, eating healthy, and getting plenty of sleep.  Go out and get your hair styled and treat yourself to a mani and pedi.  Go on a shopping spree and treat yourself like a princess again.  You need to pamper yourself and get ready for that special someone.

Get into the Right Mindset

Do you notice that when you’re in a relationship you don’t notice anyone else?  It’s a way of ensuring you don’t end up in awkward situations.  But now that you’re single, you can’t keep your head down and avoid eye contact with people you see out and about.  If you want to find a boyfriend in Portland, you need to get into the right mindset.  Start smiling at strangers, start talking to new people, and make yourself warm and approachable.  Mr. Charming will never approach a woman who looks cold, unapproachable, or busy doing something else. 

Do Fun Things

Hang out with your friends and go out more often.  Rediscover an old hobby, go to local exhibits, attend networking events, and get seen in the city.  You need to do fun things in order to meet new people.  How can you expect to land a boyfriend if you sit at home watching reruns on Netflix all the time?  If you want to find a boyfriend, you’re going to have to get out of your house and start doing new things. 

Analyze Men as You Meet Them

Our Oregon upscale matchmakers can’t stress this one enough.  One of the most important aspects of finding a boyfriend is knowing exactly what you’re looking for in a relationship.  If you are looking for a relationship-minded man, then you need to look for that and never anything less.  When you venture out in the Portland dating scene, make sure to analyze every man as you meet them.  Analyze them as you talk and figure out if they meet your dating criteria.  This will prevent you from dating the wrong man and wasting your time on someone who isn’t going to work out for you in the long run. 

Look at Singles in the Eyes

This works well, especially if you walk a lot.  If you use public transportation or do a lot of walking in the downtown area, try to make contact with men as you walk by them.  You’ll see that men will warm up to you; some of them will smile at you and others may send you a little wink.  This will get you in the right mindset for dating and boost your confidence in the process.  It will also make you look interesting, friendly, and very attractive.  It puts you in control and makes you look fearless.

Make the Move

We live in a modern world, so there’s no denying that women can make the first move, which is good news for you.  You’re in control of your own dating destiny and if you see a man you like, you can ask him out.  If a single guy catches your eye, move in and introduce yourself.  What’s the worst thing that can happen? 

Many single women who are confident don’t mind approaching men.  However, if confidence is not your strongest point, you can always rely on a professional matchmaker to help you on your dating quest.  Here at Portland Singles, we work with relationship-minded men on a daily basis and can introduce you to someone who will be ideal for you.  This can save you from the awkward approaches and nerve-wracking dating situations you would normally encounter on your own. 

However, if you decide to approach him, our Oregon upscale matchmakers want you to remember that it’s not difficult to talk to a man.  Just be yourself and talk about interesting conversation topics.  Don’t go into heavy subjects or controversial issues. 

Remember that not every man you encounter is going to want to go out with you.  And also keep in mind that you might have to kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince Charming… But that is just part of dating.

If you want to jumpstart your dating life and find a boyfriend in Portland today, contact our Oregon upscale matchmakers now and set up a free matchmaking consultation. 

So how did you get a boyfriend?  Are you still looking for one?  Let us know if our tips helped you finally land a good man.  We want to hear from you on our Facebook page.

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