How Single Women in Portland Can Stop Wasting Time on Men

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Ladies, it’s every woman’s dream to find the perfect man. Everyone dreams of that fairy-tale ending with the perfect guy. Every woman wants her own Prince Charming who looks after her, is a true gentleman, and can be introduced to the family.

But in today’s dating world, you’re going to encounter a few bad apples before you find a good one. This means wasting your time dating losers in order to find Prince Charming. But isn’t it time to skip those losers and find someone worthy? It sure is, and we’re here to help you do just that.

If you’re one of the many single women in Portland who’s tired of wasting time dating the wrong guys, this article is for you.

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1. Heal your old wounds.

One of the main reasons you’re constantly drawn to the wrong guys is because you haven’t healed your old wounds, and it’s those scars that keep drawing you to the wrong type of guys.

It could be that your old scars are related to your childhood, consequently making you do things that attract the wrong guys. Work on healing those wounds before dating one more loser.

2. Be aware of the bigger picture.

Okay, so you’re dating a guy who looks like a model. Perhaps he’s a musician who can compose the best tunes. But what about all those other things that are important in a long-term relationship? Take a look at the bigger picture. Are you just dating guys based on looks and charisma? Does he share the same ambitions and life goals as you? Can you introduce him to your parents? Does he offer you financial stability and security? If not, move on.

3. Have a rational head.

It’s very easy to waste time with the wrong guys. This is because when you meet someone you’re instantly attracted to your hormones get the best of you and make you do things you normally wouldn’t do. Everything feels exciting and new—you can’t imagine life without this person. But you’re really just wearing rose-tinted glasses. Your hormones are irrational and can cause you to do things you normally wouldn’t do, such as fall for the wrong guy. So take a step back and make a conscious decision with a clear head.

4. Avoid physical intimacy.

Once you make love to a guy, it will make breaking up a lot more difficult. If you know in your heart that this guy isn’t for keeps, why get intimate with him? Otherwise, you’re going to end up falling for him, and it’s going to be all the harder to let him go.

5. Ignore the sweet talk.

Mr. Wrong can be very charming, to the point he can charm any woman to the bedroom. He can butter you up with his charming personality. But if you take a step back and see the situation for what it really is, you’ll quickly realize he’s just Mr. Wrong.

Ladies, even if it feels like Mr. Right is taking forever to comes along, don’t fret. As professional matchmakers, we know it’s much better to wait for your Prince Charming rather than continue dating Mr. Wrong.

If you’re ready to put an end to your dating woes, it’s time to outsource your love life to our professional matchmakers here at Portland Singles Dating Service. Let us introduce you to quality men in Portland who are fit to date and worthy of your time. To reserve your FREE (90-min) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the quick and easy form at the top of the page today!

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