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It’s easy to believe that women have it tougher when it comes to dating.  After all, women face a lot of pressure about the supposed right and wrong ages to still be single.  Women also have family members who complain when they’ve yet to get married.  But both sexes have it tough.  Going on first dates, to put it mildly, is not always fun.  Sure, it’s supposed to be a fun and exciting experience, but as Gresham matchmakers, we know that many singles today don’t find it fun.

Having an awesome first date like in the movies is rare to say the least.  Instead, you’re going on a first date to make awkward small talk with someone you don’t know, all while trying to see if you’re compatible.  But don’t worry, both sexes are scared on first dates.

Today, our Gresham matchmakers will show you five things we—both men and women—worry about on first dates.

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1. Sounding Dumb

This is the number one worry both men and women face on first dates.   You want the person sitting across from you to think you’re smart and amazing, so you think long and hard before you say anything.  Unfortunately, this can lead to silent moments filled with awkwardness.  After a while, you realize you should’ve spoken up instead of sitting there overthinking everything you wanted to say.  If someone doesn’t like you for who you are, then they’re not the one for you.

2. Having Nothing to Talk About

What’s worse than sounding dumb?  Having nothing to talk about.  This is another worry many singles in Portland face on first dates.  Both genders freak out about this one because everyone dreads those long, awkward silences.  After all, no one wants to be that horror story their date tells their friends about.

We understand that talking to a stranger is not as easy as talking to your best friend over drinks, but you need to go in to it relaxed and stop worrying about the awkward silences.

3. Whether or Not to Order Food

Ugh, this is a very confusing part of dating.  Sure, you both agreed to meet at the local lounge, but what if the other person thought it was just to grab a drink or two?  What if they didn’t want to sit down to a meal, but you’re starving because you came directly from work and all you ate all day was a pack of crackers from the machine?  Your mouth is watering from the smells emanating from the kitchen and you’re wondering if it’s acceptable to order a cheeseburger or if your date is going to be upset because they’re a vegetarian.

4. How Much to Drink?

Well, this one is a little tricky, and it totally depends when the date is taking place.  Is it on a Tuesday night or on a Friday?  If it’s on a Tuesday, then you’ll want to stick to a glass of wine or two.  If you order more than two drinks, you’re going to pay the price, not just the next day with a hangover but with the things you say or do on the date.  Drinking too much on a date will send up red flags.

5. How Much Info to Share

There are so many dating rules today.  What can you share on a first date?  What shouldn’t you share?  You definitely don’t want to discuss finances, marriage, and exes on a first date.  But sometimes people act like you shouldn’t share much because you want to keep your date wanting more.  But how is your date supposed to get to know you if you don’t share anything about yourself?  Of course you shouldn’t be telling them about your exes, life problems, or financial issues, but you can tell them about yourself and your personality so they can get a sense of who you are.

You’re not the only one who worries about these things.  Many singles in Portland worry about the same things that bring you first date anxiety.  It’s time to stop worrying and have fun because that’s what dating is all about.

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