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As Portland matchmakers, we know that most women out there dream about their wedding day from a very young age. We dream up the ideal groom and then figure out the details we want on our big day. Sometimes, we even act it out as children. These visions can change when we mature, develop and become older. This is especially true when we’re closer to getting married because we don’t even know if marriage is on his mind yet. We’re left wondering if all our dreams match up with his.

Now, the most important question. If you’re at a point in your life where you think he might pop the question, then we’re assuming you’ve already discussed marriage with him. You know exactly how he feels about it and if he’s considering a lifetime commitment to you.

That’s the easy part. The rest is just waiting for the day. But if you think he’s getting close to getting down on one knee, pay close attention.

Signs He’s Going to Propose

Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to show you the top signs he’s ready to propose to you.

1. He’s more overprotective than usual.

Your boyfriend is always making sure you’re 100% safe around him. But lately, his overprotective nature has gone overboard. He treats you like a delicate flower, never leaving your side in fear that something could happen to you. At first you thought it was just him being nice, but now it has become too much to bear.

Wait a minute! Before you tell him to go for a hike, think about what may be going on here. He’s getting ready to call you his wife, and he can’t imagine living one day without you. He wants to be sure nothing ruins your relationship together or harms you in any possible way. Soon, you’ll both find the right balance and he won’t be as overprotective as he is today.

2. He’s super romantic lately.

All ladies want a guy who is a pro in the romance department. But as Portland matchmakers, we know that not every guy is good at this game. Imagine when your boyfriend becomes an instant Mr. Romantic, showering you with roses, gifts, and chocolates. Before his idea of romance was putting on a movie at home. Now, he’s planning romantic picnics at the park and taking you on romantic date nights.

He’s super crazy about you. Furthermore, you can just feel that he’s getting ready to propose.

3. He wants to go out with your married friends.

There was a time when all your boyfriend wanted to do was go out with the guys and party on the weekends. But these days, he’s asking you to call up your married friends and invite them over. He’s moving into married man territory. In other words, he’s been ditching his single friends lately.

He is trying to be show you that he’s more mature now and that he can be a great husband to you.

Plan a double date and don’t question his true motive. His single friends can survive without him.

Do you think your man is getting ready to propose? Could 2020 be the big year for you?

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