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You and your boyfriend usually talk for hours on end.  He always responds to your text messages quickly.  The two of you can’t get enough of each other.  The conversations are never dull but things seem to be different lately.  He seems quiet and distant.  Do you want to know why your boyfriend is giving you the cold shoulder?  Find out as our Portland upscale matchmakers review the reasons your man is ignoring you.

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1. He’s just busy.

If your boyfriend is ignoring you during the day, and you know he’s working, then he could just be really busy.  As a woman, you might be overthinking everything.  He might just be busy and hasn’t had a second to respond to you.  If it happens once in a while, don’t stress it out.  However, if this is becoming an everyday thing, then you might want to talk to your boyfriend about why he’s ignoring you.  You may come to find out that he was given an extra project at work. 

2. He’s been stressed out.

Maybe he is working up the career ladder, perhaps his boss gave him an extra project this month, or maybe there is something stressful going on with his family that he has been keeping to himself.  Have you ever been stressed out before and pulled away from everyone?  Some people like to keep to themselves when they’re under stress, so maybe this is the case for him.  We suggest you cut him a little slack and tell him you’re there if he needs you for anything.  If this is the case, he’ll appreciate the space you’re giving him, along with your offer for support.

3. He might just be immature.

Immaturity doesn’t just happen with teenagers.  We know there are many adults out there who still behave immaturely.  Your boyfriend might be hanging out with his guys, drinking at the bar, playing cards, or just doing things he needs to do for himself and he doesn’t feel like explain.  Either way, it’s no secret that a lot of guys still act immature from time to time.   

4. You’re always around.

Let’s say the two of you live together or perhaps you don’t but still see each other every day.  He could be ignoring you because the two of you are always together and don’t have enough space to yourselves.   Here at Portland Singles, we know how important spending time apart is for a relationship.  If you’re constantly together, there’s nothing new to talk about and conversation gets stale.  Back off a little and give him the time and space to do the things he needs to do.

5. He’s been hurt.

Who said men don’t have feelings?  Well, they do and they show them in different ways.  Maybe your boyfriend has been hurt and is ignoring you because he’s suffering but doesn’t want to share.  He might be hurt that a family member passed away, that he got scolded by his boss, or perhaps he’s stewing on something you did or said. In this case, you might want to ask him what is going on so you can help him fix the problem or at least provide moral support.

6. He wants a break.

Okay, let’s be honest here.  Everyone needs some time to themselves, whether it’s to get a workout in or to go to the spa for a mani and pedi.  Just like you enjoy your free time, he enjoys his as well.  It doesn’t mean he loves you any less, so don’t jump the gun here.  It just means he needs some time to do the things he likes.  Sometimes a little time apart is all you need to make your relationship stronger. 

7. He might be overwhelmed.

This one goes hand in hand with number two.  Your boyfriend might be overwhelmed with something in his life.  His boss might have given him a huge problem that needs to be finished by the end of the week, or maybe there is something happening in his family that requires his attention.  Give your boyfriend some space to handle what needs to be handled.  Do not nag him or complain about why he’s ignoring you.  Simply tell him to handle whatever he needs to do and that you’ll be there to support him when he needs you.

8. He’s avoiding something major.

Okay, so maybe the last time you saw him you talked about getting married or starting a family.  Or maybe you asked him a question he refuses to answer.  Maybe the last time you saw him you said the dreaded phrase, “We need to talk.”  Either way, your boyfriend might be ignoring you because there is something he doesn’t want to talk about.  He might not have the answer right now and is ignoring you because of it.

9. He doesn’t like to argue.

Your boyfriend might be ignoring you because he doesn’t want to go back and forth over the phone with you.  Maybe he thinks it’s better to pull away from you and let the fire die down instead of facing you and the issue at hand.

10. You’ve become annoying.

Hard to hear this one, but you might have become annoying.  Maybe you’re talking about an annoying subject or are constantly nagging him to change his ways.  Either way, you must understand that men can’t stand a nagging woman.  If you’re known for nagging, our Portland upscale matchmakers encourage you to give him a little space to breathe and lighten up.  Of course you should never become a pushover, but you also don’t want to breathe down his neck every second of the day.

11. He’s playing games with you.

Sad to hear, but the boyfriend you’re dating might be playing games with you.  There are plenty of men out there who just play games… And these men are categorized as jerks.  He might have gotten scared with this serious relationship because he was only looking for something casual.  If he is only looking for something casual and you want a serious relationship, you’re going to have to leave him.  

12. He lost interest in you.

Sad but true—not all relationships last.  He might have lost interest in you or perhaps he met someone new, but it’s better to know this now rather than drag things out only to be hurt in the end.

So what happened?  Why do you think your boyfriend is ignoring you?  If he’s just being jerk, you don’t have to put up with it.  We know you deserve a loving partner by your side, not someone who pushes you away.  If you’re not having any luck meeting the right guys on your own, contact our Portland upscale matchmakers and let us introduce you to amazing men who will love you like you deserve!


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