6 Reasons for Singles to Take a Break from Dating in Portland

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Are you exhausted from dating and ready to take a timeout? Perhaps you’re not sure you should incase you end up on the shelf while everyone else gets taken out of the game. If you’re undecided, let our Portland matchmakers show you why it’s okay to take a small break from dating when you need one.

Dating in Portland can be fun yet difficult at the same time. When you go on a string of bad dates with what feels like nothing but players and losers, dating can be downright frustrating. And it’s at this point that it’s okay to take a small dating break. When dating is no longer fun, it’s okay to take a timeout.

If you’re pondering whether to take a small break from dating, let our Portland matchmakers show you why it could actually improve your dating life. Believe it or not, a tiny dating detox could be exactly what your romantic life needs to flourish.

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1. It helps you rediscover who you are.

Dating can be a long drawn out process. It can definitely be exhausting. You end up meeting all different types of men from all walks of life. You get to learn a lot about them but also about yourself. However, when you take a small break from dating you get to rediscover yourself and everything you like. When you free yourself up from the dating scene, you’re giving yourself time to rediscover your own hobbies and passions. You have more time to dedicate to yourself and the things you really love.

2. Being single is okay.

Hey, you’re single while all your friends are taken. So what? Lots of people are secretly jealous of your single status. And trust us, being single is much better than dating all the losers you bump into in the Portland dating scene. You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want, so enjoy it while you can.

3. You stop looking for love.

They say that love comes looking for you when you’re not looking. If you’ve been spending the majority of your time forcing love into your life, you might actually scare love away. Take yourself out of the dating scene for a little bit and focus on yourself. Who knows, maybe love comes looking for you.

4. You can focus on friendships.

Tired of meeting people for love and everything going wrong despite your best efforts? Then why not ease the pressure and focus on your social circle? Don’t have too many friends? Don’t worry, you can always start meeting new friends. A few places to meet friends are the gym, social clubs, or while doing your own hobbies and interests.

5. You’re not ready to date.

If you need a break from dating, it’s certainly clear that you’re not ready for another date let alone a relationship. It happens to even the most beautiful women out there. We know you’re tired of dating players and jerks who take advantage of you and leave you with a broken heart. So take it from us, it’s okay to take a dating break every once in a while.

6. You can learn from your past mistakes.

One of the reasons you’ve been bouncing from one bad date to the next is because you haven’t given yourself enough time to reflect on the things that have gone wrong. It is important to give yourself plenty of time to analyze your past relationships so you can learn from your mistakes and never make them again. Take a look at your past and see if there’s anything you can do to improve yourself. Trust us, there are going to be a few, so be honest here.

As you already know, dating in Portland can be exhausting. Meeting bad guy after bad guy can leave you frustrated with your search. It almost feels like all the good guys are extinct or that all your friends have already snatched them up. But don’t worry, Mr. Right is out there somewhere. You just have to keep on looking. But in the meantime, if you get dating burnout, it’s okay to take a small dating break to regroup and refresh.

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