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Is he into you? Do you want to know if this man is attracted to you? Do you want to know how to read the signs a man gives a woman in the dating world? Many men can be hard to read, but if you are into him, wouldn’t it be nice to know if the feeling is reciprocated? The good news for you is that you can actually read his body language. There are many things men do that will give away his interest in you. Today, our Portland dating service will show you how to tell if a man is into you.

Signs He Is into You by Portland Singles Dating Service

What are the signs a man is into you? When a man likes a woman he’ll do things subconsciously. What does this mean for you? Well, if you know what to look for, you’ll be able to decode his body language. So let’s get started and get you on your way.

Below is a list of signs our Portland dating service want you to keep an eye for.

1. He Is Always Smiling at You

When you catch a man looking right at you, that’s a sign he is into you. It’s very weird to smile at someone you’re not into. But the question is, how do you know for sure it’s not just a friendly smile? Well, what you can do is keep an eye for how frequently he looks at you and smiles. When he seems to smile at you more than he does anyone else, then he is probably interested in getting to know you. This will be magnified if you notice that he keeps longer eye contact with you.

2. Before Leaving, He Takes a Good Look at You

This is another major sign a man is into you. Whenever a man is always making eye contact before leaving, even though he is busy talking to someone else, he is definitely interested in you. He wants to get one last glance at you before he leaves. He’s also hoping you’ll look at him on his way out so he can make eye to eye connection one last time.

3. When You Talk to Other Men, He Gets a Bit Jealous

This one is a huge sign a man is into you. Whenever someone else is keeping you in his sights, the man who is interested in you will get annoyed and perhaps a little jealous. When a man is into a woman, he will do whatever it takes to protect her. You might catch him acting like he doesn’t care, but if you notice he keeps checking on that other man, then that’s your sign right there.

4. He Seems to Be Protective

When a man shows interest in you, he will become very protective of you. He will also lend you his jacket if you’re feeling chilly or help you walk through a crowded place. He will let you sit and order first at a restaurant or call you to make sure you made it home okay. Do you notice this man doing any of these kind and caring things for you?

5. His Behavior Is Always Changing

Look at his body language to tell he’s attracted to you. When the behavior of a man changes as soon as he sees you, you should take it as one of the biggest signs he’s into you. If he is with friends at a noisy place, he might try to break away as soon as he notices you, or he might be silent already but all the sudden get louder to get your attention.

6. He Looks at You for a Reaction When He Is Doing Something Funny

If this man does something funny or shares a joke and everyone starts cracking up, he will directly look at you to see your reaction. Our Portland dating service knows this is a sign he’s interested in you and wants to make sure his sense of humor pleased you.

7. He Grooms Himself Nicely

Whenever a man starts grooming himself better, he is subconsciously trying to get your attention. When he starts styling his hair, wearing better clothes, or using a different cologne, you can rest assured he is into you and wants to attract your attention.

8. His Eyebrows Are Raised Now

The thing here is, when a man’s eyebrows are raised in response to something you did or said, it might be a clear sign he’s into you, and we’ll tell you why.

A raised eyebrow alone is not sufficient evidence; however, you should look out for extensive eye contact and continued showings of those pearly whites.

9. He Mimics Your Body Language

This one is a given. If a man is attracted to you, he will subconsciously mimic your body language. The majority of people have the tendency to subconsciously mimic the actions of people they’re into. So when you notice this guy is mimicking your body language, then that is a good thing for you. This definitely tells you he is into you. Try touching your hair and see what he does, or take a sip of your drink and see if he does the same. If a man is into you, he will be doing the same things as you without even realizing it.

10. He Touches You

Whenever you start noticing a man is making physical contact, such as touching your arm or your hair, he is most likely into you. He might also try to touch your back, brush against your arm, or give you a hug whenever he has the chance. If he does all those things, well, you know the answer now.

Now that you know all the giveaways a man is into you, is the man you have your sights on interested in you too?
If you’re having troubles meeting the right partners on your own, contact our expert matchmakers here at Portland Singles Dating Service and let us introduce you to quality men who are well suited for you!

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